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This Week 11th December 2017
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Chris Nedahl has posted an interesting blog about making the most of the time available to us. Something we all need to do.


Sue has provided some fabulous muses to inspire us this week. I love the beach photo and am thinking of a story…

Bragging stool

Chris, Sue, and Sally are all included in the latest issue of Ad Hoc Fiction. Congratulations, especially Sue who has managed 87 consecutive weeks. Wow!

Sadly, Angela was just pipped at the post in the Housesitting Blog competition, but a wonderful entry all the same. And well done for getting into the final – a great achievement.

December Challenge

There’s still plenty of time to post something for the December Challenge, or perhaps a poem in the Poetry project.


Members fees have been requested for the next year.

Sadly, Dianne has decided to leave Writers Abroad due to heavy commitments elsewhere – she will be missed by all of us.

And a huge welcome to Jim from Lussat, France. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to learning more about Jim and sharing our work.

And finally – hope you’re all getting ready for Christmas and are working on those 2018 writing goals!

Don't let time be a thief...
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How is it possible we are approaching the end of 2017? Where did the time go?

This year has not been the best health wise. Nothing life threatening but just as we cleared one hurdle, another appeared! We are not out of the woods yet as Rod has one more appointment coming up next Thursday to check his coronary arteries. It might be a four hour hospital stint or it could be an overnight stay for a medical procedure to be carried out. So hope it turns out to be the former.

This is not going to be a medical blog, folks, just thinking how such a year could have made me somewhat more productive rather than less. Could it be the need to achieve is strong during times of doubt creeping in whether the moment might come when one truly doesn't have the time to do those things?

From my writing vision posted in July, (I can't find it on the forum now) I have achieved one of my goals of creating a paper file of all my poetry. Also, my blog is up, and almost running! I need to try and get it 'out there' more successfully. I haven't quite got the hang of navigating the Wordpress site so I need to work on that. An example is last Friday's poem, Time, which I thought I'd published. When I took a look earlier, it was in drafts. I have no idea what I did, or didn't do, but it is definitely published for all to read now - I think that amounts to 7 people!

As 2018 fast approaches I want to be ready to hit January running. Firstly, my NaNo script is not quite finished but I have over 51,000 words and it is close to being ready for editing. I need to start that as soon as possible or it will go the way of a couple of other 'novels that languish in the depths of this laptop, and partially in paper files. As I edit, I will post each chapter on the site for some constructive critiquing which WA members are so good at. Hopefully, I will have a viable manuscript by the spring.

Secondly, I will work at becoming more adept at the technology required to enable me to create more of an online presence. It isn't where my interest lies but I am very aware of its importance if you are a writer and want to be read.  

To each of my friends on here, I wish you a healthy, happy, and peaceful New Year. May 2018 be kind to us all and allow us to make our wishes come true.





This week on WA
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A quiet week on WA, perhaps we are all otherwise occupied preparing for Christmas

Sue posted a couple of chapters from her recent NaNo writing.  Extracts from chapters, written in her usual eloquent style show promise of an action packed story, based on a personal and harrowing experience.

Congratulations to Bruce who has recently been published in ‘So It Goes’, the Literary Journal of The Kurt Vonnegut Museum Library.

The voted in Ad Hoccers this week are Sue, Maggie, Chris and Angela. Some members are becoming Ad Hoc veterans.

With her Nonsense Narrative Writing Challenge and thanks to a shared effort with Chris Fielden, Lesley had raised over £1,500 for charity.

The muse for the coming week was posted by Crilly.  The stimulating story titles are, perhaps mercifully, unrelated to Christmas.  For those amongst us with a literary seasonal frame of mind though, a Christmas theme could be used in relation to the prompts.

Despite being under the weather, Jo posted an interesting blog about a book on novel writing.  I've added it to my reading list.


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Monday, December 11, 2017
This Week 11th December 2017
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