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This Week - Monday 24th November 2014
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Starting with a massive congratulations to Vesna! She looked lovely in the photos and I’m sure we all wish you many years of happiness together.

So now onto writing news:

Angela has supplied this week’s Monday Muses. They are varied, topical, and funny, so get writing!

There are several suggestions in November Challenges, including flash fiction, short stories, travel pieces and first chapters.

Chris has written a Blog on the ups and downs of NaNoWriMo, especially regarding how much research you need to do before you can start writing. It’s difficult to write a historical novel and I would assume that no matter how much research you do, you’ll always find yourself writing a scene wherein more questions arise regarding details of history. Does anyone have any answers? She’s now stuck at 32,000+ words. Should she stop and do more research, or continue? If you have any suggestions, please pop by and leave her a comment.    

Paola’s poem from Foreign and Far Away and Alyson’s Prima magazine Christmas story are in The Bragging Stool this month. Hopefully we’ll have a few more things to add before the year is out!  

I want to thank Paola for starting The Sagging Stool. Firstly the name made me laugh and secondly the content reassured me (although I want to stress that it didn’t please me) that we all have moments when we feel we aren’t getting anywhere. How we deal with these low moments is probably as key as how we deal with the highs. How do you deal with setbacks in your writing?

Finally shall we or shan't we be doing an Anthology 2015? The forum has raised lots of questions for people to think about. Please have a read and put up your comments if you haven’t done so already.

The next informal chat is on Sunday 7th December.

Good luck to everyone who is doing NaNo (and Chris I hope you’re happy with your decision to stop or continue) and happy writing everyone! no
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As I write this blog, I have almost made up my mind to go no further with my NaNo this year. It isn’t because I cannot write more words. Rather, it is because I have become aware of the need for a lot more research before I can pen my story with accuracy. This being my first foray into things historical, and armed with a file of information bursting at the seams on my ancestors and their peers, I was confident I could get 50,000 words. I still believe I can but whether they will form the basis of something worthy of editing is debateable. I have found, as I construct - unravelling and retelling - that I require a much greater knowledge of the era in which my tale is set. Add to the mix, American history, and I think you are getting a picture of my misperception and growing anxiety.

The Tale of Two Men is a story I have wanted to write for a long time and I intend continuing. However, to do it justice, I need more than schoolroom history, and the stories of bygone times. My research needs to be thorough because their story deserves as much truth and correctness as it is possible to attain. Whilst parts of their story are captured in American newspaper articles and documents of the time, said items differ and contradict. Much, I am certain, I will have to record in footnotes as being unconfirmed. Nevertheless, I want to explore and question further until I am satisfied I have as much information as possible, given the restraints of time and memory and handed-down snippets.

I am disappointed in myself for not recognizing the need for a great deal more general background than my bulging file suggested. I felt well prepared, having got myself organised before my UK visit.  I had no idea my history was so sketchy. I always pride myself on my understanding of Welsh history particularly and thought I had read sufficient of the past of Virginia and West Virginia. So, having penned 32,833 words, do I stop and work at my research instead? Now that I see the number in black and white, I feel I will have wasted a lot of time by not continuing.

Help please, you NaNo stalwarts and others, what should I do? Shall I go for the 50,000 and research post NaNo, or instead, abandon now and work on the new data I know I am going to need?

Unable to make a decision….me?


Finally, good luck, Jo, Nicola and Angela. I am impressed by the word counts and obvious dedication. I should have spoken to you, Jo, as the historical novelist. You would have certainly set me straight on the amount of research needed for such a venture.

This Week on Writers Abroad
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Sorry this is a little late but I think Vesna has her looming wedding on her mind! Looking forward to seeing all the fab photo's and wishing her and her husband all the best for their future together.

So now onto writing news:

A few of us are scribbling away for NaNo, apologies from me for not being as active on site but we're on the other side now. Keep going everyone, and that goes for all those who aren't doing NaNo but still writing! 

If you need some inspiration for your writing check out the Monday Muses supplied by Doreen this week. (And if you need a home for a piece of writing, check out the November Challenges)

Val has written a fun Blog on the anaology of her school day and getting starting on a piece of writing. Made me laugh, especially the kleptomaniac.

The Bragging Stool is a little empty this week, but I know that it won't last long not with the talented bunch of writers and poets we have here on WA. So don't be shy!

Finally shall we or shan't we be doing an Anthology 2015? Please check out the comments in the forum so far and add to the discussion so that we can make some roads forward at our next formal chat... 

Speaking of which (the formal chat) is this Sunday 23 November, 11am via Skype. Glyn is in the hot seat.

Happy Writing everyone!



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