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Writers Abroad has had an action packed and exciting week.


First, a whole raft of Successes and Achievements:


Alyson’s Writing Magazine winning story, Last Summer, is impressively in April’s issue. The prize is a place at the Iceland Writers Retreat and we will all look forward to hearing about her experiences when she gets back 


Jo’s (writing as Louise Charles) book All Will be Well is now O.U.T. you can grab a copy here on Amazon I'm already part way through my kindle copy and loving every syllable.


Nicola’s (writing as Nina Croft) new one, Falling for the Bad Girl is now released and here for your enjoyment again on Amazon


Ad Hoc - three of us in this week’s e-book: Laura, Chris N and yours truly (my 53rd week without a break) the prompt word is ‘mint’ so you have until midnight UK time Tuesday to submit a 150-worder. Bath is turning out to be inspirational for me, after receiving my copy of To Carry Her Home, Vol. 1 Bath Flash Fiction, I blogged about how it made me feel, and tweeted the link. Bath have been writing to me... what more can I say?


Now, more about last Sunday's meeting:


I know Jo already covered this in last week’s this week, but the minutes are now posted, for all to catch up. In the main the subject of the WA Mag was discussed, so slots are now filling up. Deadline April 1st.


Still on the topic of the mag; it looks like things are hot to trot with authors’ interviews for this and the next issue. Well done Lesley and Angela for beavering away on that. It’s all looking very exciting.


Blog - Dianne has posted the blog this week - Managing Your Social Media - lots of food for thought there, and we all know how it can run away with our time


Monday Muse for this week is posted by Nicola - with delish words to inspire and a very appropriate image of 4 leafed clovers...


Much going on in Works in Progress, take a gander - enjoy the read. And consider this, many of these works are the beginnings of wondrous things, what an opportunity it is for members to read (and help) seeds of work grow and become successful.


And the March Writing Challenges Opportunities forum is up and running. The more you do, the more you can do...



This Week on Writers Abroad
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Sorry I'm late with this. Our ongoing communication issues continue but never mind.

Jill has provided us with some provoking muses, and a very interesting food picture... which reminds me of the cover of the Foreign Flavours Anthology.

Lesley has dedicated this weeks blog to Spike Milligan, entertaining in so many ways, though driven by his demons.

Maggie has posted the notes of the meeting from Sunday in the Meeting Room, you can also check out the chat on Skype.

The slots for content for the next magazine are filling up which is great. I've provided a link for photo's for those of you with contributions. Not sure how many will be used in this edition but please feel free to add.

New trial member, Nigel, has submitted and provided feedback on some projects so please check out his contributions.

There are plenty of feedback opportunities in the Feb Writing Challenge and Works in Progress if you have a few minutes please stop by and have a read.

And finally, Sue appears in the Bath Anthology which is now out for publication and I believe Nicola has a new publication but no shout in the Bragging Stool! 

Have a good writing week, all.

Spike Milligan



Spike Milligan KBE (1918 - 2002)

Terence Alan Patrick Sean Milligan began to call himself "Spike" after hearing a band on Radio Luxembourg called Spike Jones and his City Slickers.

Born in India, the son of an English mother and an Irish father who was a Captain in the British Indian Army, Spike Milligan spent his early years in India, moving the UK in his teen years where he spent most of his working life.

A man of extraordinary talents, Spike Milligan was a jazz vocalist, musician, soldier, actor, comedian, painter, playwright, poet and writer. With an unorthodox, absurd and consistently funny sense of humour he was one of the most popular and successful comedians on the British comedy circuit.  His most famous accomplishment was The Goon Show, a comedy radio show aired for thirty minutes each week which ran for nine years, elevating him to international stardom.

A particularly famous example of his humour appears at a moment when aged 76, he made a notorious aside in front of a live audience and millions of TV viewers.  He was receiving a Lifetime Achievement Comedy Award when a fan letter from the Prince of Wales was read out. Spike Milligan remarked: "Little grovelling bastard ...” One assumes His Royal Highness took no offence as Spike later received an honorary knighthood.

Spike Milligan wrote over 80 books, including 3 novels, of which the most renowned is Puckoon, a slapstick novel about a boundary commission group, tasked with creating the new official division between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Due to utter incompetence, the new border follows a route through the centre of the small town of Puckoon. Barbed wire down the centre of streets literally cuts the village in two with hilarious results.  Puckoon was made into a film in 2002.

He wrote ten “according to Spike Milligan” books. One of his well-known quotes “And God said, 'Let there be light' and there was light, but the Electricity Board said he would have to wait until Thursday to be connected,” appears in “The Bible according to Spike Milligan.”

He also wrote over 20 books of poetry, his nonsensical style compares to Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear.  His most noted poem is titled “On the Ning Nang Nong” and was voted the UK's favourite comic poem in 1998. 

Another of Spike’s more popular poems:

Said Hamlet to Ophelia,
I'll draw a sketch of thee,
What kind of pencil shall I use?
2B or not 2B?

His other writings include seven books on his memoirs and a large number of scripts.  For a full list of his written work follow this link.

Spike Milligan died 15 years ago today from kidney failure following a long illness, he was 83 years old. He once made a wisecrack that a suitable inscription for his headstone would be "I told you I was ill." His gravestone is located at St Thomas' churchyard in Chichester bearing the Gaelic inscription:

Dúirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite.

Love, Light, Peace

I told you I was ill





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