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The subject of this week's blog is your favourite authors and to what extent they influence your writing.

Good writing comes from reading widely. †It is a natural linguistic process. To what extent the writer is influenced even subconsciously by what they read is a matter for discussion.

Are travel writers influenced by reading William Boyd, Jonathan Raban or Geoffrey Moorehouse? Or do they develop their own unique style?

Are chick lit novelists influenced by Marion Keane, romantic historians by Georgette Heyer?

It is limiting to only read novels or non-fiction which comply with your own taste. An earlier blog commented on snobbery associated with bestsellers and more literary work.

My personal favourites are Graham Greene, Conrad, Camus and Steig Larsson. They influence my writing in that the location plays a central role in the story and they are set abroad.

What about you?

SIte News July 7th 2014
Category: Site News

Angela has given us some fantastic prompts for the Muse, from digressions from Under Milk Wood to first lines to a rather startling picture prompt. Personally I find the 'elephant in the roomí quite irresistible.

Jill is on the Bragging Stool with yet another piece accepted for Irelandís Own Ė well done, Jill!

This monthís challenges are up, with the Word Hut, Highlands and Islands of Alisa Abrahamís short story competitions or your submission to the magazine.

Talking of which, submission deadlines are August 11th for this. Is everyone up to date?

Challenges and Muses need some attention. Iím determined to do a Muse at least this week Ė come on guys, letís hit the keyboards!

Valís blog this week considers a writerís reading matter and the influence it has on them. I confess, though often I would like to write to emulate a style (and invariably fail) I also feel the urge to do the opposite.

And finally, I have the honour to be in the first Spotlight! What a chuffer-upper. Many thanks, members, for allowing to bask and in the sun. I highly recommend the experience, and look forward to seeing everybody else expose themselves in due course.

This Week on Writers Abroad 30 June 2014
Category: Site News

Good Morning. Just!

Alyson has beat me to it with an interesting account †on the Chalke Valley History Festival, at which she actually saw, actually heard Michael Murpurgo. Lucky you, Alyson!

Doreen has given us a wide choice of musings.

On the bragging Stool we have Paola with a double brag. No, a triple brag! That's great Paola. Guest is God has been published in May Oldie. And in July they will publish her Butterfly expat piece. She also got a very nice email from 'Stephen' that she is among the best ten entries for her Laos piece.

Do keep an eye on all E-Magazine news. Jo has posted a piece on layout and copy clarification. Glyn has posted a piece on Author Interview for December.

There is an Informal Skype Meeting this coming Sunday 6 July.

Finally, Jill has posted some interesting and helpful information on judging criteria for short stories in Bits and Bobs.


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