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What's your mission as a writer? What do you hope readers will take away from your work?

My writing is set overseas and I hope that as well as enjoying the story and finding the characters intriguing, the reader will come away with a sense of place and culture.

One of my favourite authors is Graham Greene because after reading his books I feel I have learned something about the country e.g. I read The Heart of the Matter when I was in West Africa which gave me valuable insights. †Similarly I read Somerset Maugham before working in Borneo and he prepared me for the heat, the Malays, the expatriate circles.†

I would like the readers to think about the situation, especially if it is alien and speculate why the characters behave the way they do. There should be a sense of mystery and ambiguity like real life. Things are rarely clear cut; characters are complex and flawed.

The story should linger with the reader as they reflect.

Topical events are interesting because news stories are often multi-faceted depending on the politics of the paper. It is good to jolt †readers' misconceptions and preconceived ideas.

The main mission is for the reader to enjoy the story. How often can this be said of some of the great prize-winning novels? Well written but enjoyable?

This Week February 9th
Category: Site News

The Bragging Stool is very full this week. I'm not suggesting that any of our members sit in an armchair as if it were built around them, to paraphrase PG Wodehouse, but we may be needing a larger stool.

We have Vesna at with Zebras Prefer Stripes and Argus.

Good to see Vanessa in the March edition of Writers' News with a piece about her novel The House At Zaronza.

And well done Alyson who is also featured in Writer' News for winning the Sophie King Prize. Her short story, Hot Chocolate Hero will be featured in an anthology called Love Is All You Need.

Have a look at Bits and Bobs and Paola's further information about Expatclic.

If members haven't voted for their top three titles from the suggestions re: light, so we can reach a final decision can they do so soon? Would I be correct in thinking this does seem to be taking a long time?

A good week to you all.

I haven't seen the Muses yet, so who knows what is in store. †

This Week
Category: Site News

Light, we still haven't decided on a title so have a look at the anthology 2015 thread so that soon we can vote for a final title. I know many of you have.

The online magazine is nearing its end. Thank you for all your hard work Doreen. It is looking superb. If you haven't had a read through for proofreading then please do.

And well done Jill for achieving the long list for your Road To Nowhere story. You imply that it may not be much of an achievement. I, for one disagree and I'm sure others would here as well. So many people write that you have to be a very good writer to achieve the longlist.

Not a brag but a bit of news from me, I'm reading next week in Cardiff. Only an open mic. And my edit for the anthology I did for the American poet is complete. I didn't even correct his spelling!

Hope I haven't missed anything. I'm sure you'll let me know if I have.

Enjoy the muses, and the rest of your week.

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Monday, March 02, 2015
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