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Please Don't Cry

Please Don’t Cry

My husband and I have a long standing and very close friend who lives in the UK and he often visits us here in France.  He has a sister, Jane Plume, whom we have met several times.

One day I talked to our friend about my passion for writing.  He mentioned that his sister Jane had written a book and told me why.

Before she wrote the book, Jane was a single mum following a separation from her husband and lived in Leicestershire with three children.  She had a best friend, Gina, who was married with two young boys.  Jane and Gina were as close as sisters and the two family groups spent a great deal of time doing things together. 

At work, one afternoon Jane received a telephone call from Gina’s mother.  Gina had been killed in a tragic car accident. 

Following the accident, and with the agreement of her children, they all moved into Gina’s home and Jane gave up her job, not only to take care of Gina’s children but also to act as a carer to Gina’s husband who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Sadly he died of his illness around two years later.

One of Jane’s daughters entered Jane for the Leicester Mercury ‘Mum of the Year award.’  More than sixty entrants had been nominated.  Jane won the title.  There was a lot of local publicity and Jane was approached and asked to write about her experiences.  Our friend told me that Jane was delighted to write the book but unsure about her capability.  The publishers assured her they would edit and improve the wording if necessary.  When Jane sent them the finished manuscript they told her the wording was perfect and they didn’t change anything.

I bought a copy of the book and one night began to read it in bed with the intention of going to sleep after reading a chapter or two.  It was almost dawn when I finally laid the book down after turning over the last page.  Jane tells her story of selfless love and the tears and laughter of coping with five children and caring for a terminally sick friend whilst she was struggling with grief over her own family losses at the same time.

As a person I admire the noble and unselfish support Jane gave to her best friend’s family which she continues to give to this day, now as legal guardian to Gina’s boys.  As a writer I stand in awe of her book.  Her story is told from the heart, her words incredibly moving and the book is simply unputdownable, a verity which has been echoed by others who have read it.

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‘Please Don’t Cry by Jane Plume is available on Amazon.

This Week on WA
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Here is what is going on around the site this week...

Alyson has posted this weeks Monday Muses, a great collection of themed competitions, Winnie the Pooh quotes and some fab pictures - no excuses not to write!

Lesley is due to provide our weekly Blog, which I'm sure will be forthcoming sometime today.

The November Writing Challenge is open with some potential markets but it could be any piece of writing you would like some feedback on, character development, setting, plot whatever you like so don't be shy.

Angela has posted a useful part of her course with Future Learn on Portraying Characters in the Notice Board. Looks like a really interesting workshop and full of practical advice so check it out.

Sue is back home, welcome back! Hope you are taking things easy - and for your continued success with Ad Hoc Fiction - you are certainly keeping that Bragging Stool occupied.

We're entering the second full week of NaNo - I think Laura, Angela, Nicola and Sue are still in the game. I never got off the starting block I'm afraid, but never mind. There are plenty of other months, days and hours to find to write.

Hope I haven't missed anything, shout out if I have. And have a successful writing week, one and all.

Site News November 7th 2016
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Well, first of all, apologies for being late. My news - I had a new release yesterday (Flying Through Fire, book 6 in my Dark Desires series) and took myself out for the day, away from the internet and the urge to check my rankings and reviews on Amazon every few minutes (ranking’s pretty crap, reviews are quite nice so far…) Unfortunately, I was oblivious to everything else going on. But better late than never…

Sue is home from the hospital. The surgery was deemed a success - wonderful news – hopefully she’ll be feeling 100 per cent soon.

Bieke has written a great blog about learning writing techniques and how breaking the rules is not necessarily bad, called – Writing Like Alice Munro, which has made me want to go out and buy one of her collections.

There are some fabulous Monday muses from Jo this week. So if you’re in need of a little inspiration go have a look. And if you’re still in need of inspiration, then Alyson has posted a link to a very short story competition – go check it out.

It’s super busy on the bragging stool this week – just as it should be!

  • Congratulations to Sue for her 39th consecutive week at Ad Hoc. A huge achievement in consistent excellence.
  • And Laura was the joint winner in a 100 word story competition.
  • Sue and Alyson were both short-listed in the December Writers Magazine competition.
  • Vanessa and Dianne both have stories in a WW2 anthology, Pearl Harbour and More, – I’ve seen it around on Facebook – gorgeous cover.
  • Alyson sold a story to Take a Break – a very impressive achievement.

Huge congratulations to all of you.

I believe Jo, Sue, Laura, Angela and me are doing Nano this year. We’re one week in and Laura and Angela are going strong. I’m going, though I wouldn’t say strong (I’ll go post after I finish here). Post your progress if you have any or even if you don’t.

Issue 5 of the Writers Abroad Magazine is out now and it’s fabulous – huge thanks to Jo and everyone for all their hard word. There have been 244 views on Joomag and an unknown number of PDF downloads. Jo has put a new PDF link up so please go check you have the right one if you’re posting anywhere.

And that’s it for now – let me know if I missed anything and now back to Nano.


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