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This week on WA has seen much activity following the formal chat meeting last Sunday.


Issue 5 of the WA Mag is now up for members’ contributions so grab a few spots to showcase your work.


New ideas for the home page are just abubbling.  Check that thread and add your own two penn’orth.


Monday’s Muse is now posted by Jill - and just take a look, the prompts are from Myslexia and wonderful they are too.


A magical writerly blog this week is posted by Lesley and surrounds JK Rowling and the new HP novel.


More links have  been added to the August Challenges thread. But alas alack, one of them has an August 4th deadline.


In works in progress Jill’s The Woman in the Church has received great and worthwhile feedback and is now winging its way. No need for wishing you luck Jill, it’s a fabulous piece.


Nicola has posted Chapter 1 of Unspeakable in the chapters thread for our review, so head on over, enjoy the read and give your feedback. 


Nicola has also posted a very valuable document on critiquing.  It might need moving to another thread  (eg Feedback Guidelines in The Writing Room) so that it doesn’t slip off the radar.


On the bragging stool Sue and Laura are keeping each other company again this week with their nutshell pieces for Ad Hoc.  Sue’s is on page 1. (Mel and Abby) and Laura’s is on page 23 I believe (Shades of Light) hope I’ve got that right Laura, please vote if you get chance before midnight Tuesday UK time - when another prompt will be posted.


If I’ve missed anything or anybody - just holler, as they say around here.

A touch of Magic


A big happy birthday to Joanne "Jo" Rowling, (pen name J K Rowling), 51 year on the 31st August.

From breadline to billionaire, J K Rowling’s seven Harry Potter books sold over 400 million copies, netting her a fortune.  What made her so successful?

Fantasy is a genre popular with adults and children alike.  Adult fantasy fans (and there are many of them) love to lose themselves in a very different world to ours, perhaps seeking to forget the cares and problems of daily life.  Kids just adore fairy tales and magic.   Schooldays play a very important role in all our lives and some of our school memories last a lifetime.  By inventing a schoolboy hero, up against the odds in a magical setting, Rowling cleverly ensured that both children and adults alike could immediately have an affinity with Harry Potter, thus doubling her readership. 

The books are extremely imaginative and easy to read encompassing over 750 highly individual characters.  Shockingly, Harry loses a whole heap of people he loves, his parents, godfather, headmaster, teacher, several friends and a house elf, plus his beloved owl.  Each death sparks sympathy and tightens the bond between Harry and the reader.  Magical elements such as, moving photos and staircases, talking portraits and ghosts, sport on broomsticks and heaps of magical creatures, coupled with humour, tension, dark moments and a fast pace have created a series of books which are unputdownable, progressing excitingly to a climax where good triumphs over evil ending with a great twist whereby the teacher, Harry’s hated, Professor Snape, turns out to have been helping Harry all along.  How many readers saw that coming?

But what I think is really the key to the huge success of Harry Potter is that most of us love stories, be it in the form of books, films, a TV series or simply an anecdote told by a friend and J K Rowling told a rattling exceptional one.

The Harry Potter books couldn’t be described as serious literary fiction.  However, I daresay that Joanne "Jo" Rowling OBE FRSL, inventor of the word ‘Muggle, and the first author to top a net worth of over a billion dollars, doesn’t give a fig about that.

For more details on Harry Potter

For more details on J K Rowling’s latest works

This Week on WA
Category: Site News

Well, I'm back home and catching up on sleep as well as getting back into some kind of routine. 

Bieke has penned and interesting weekly Blog on her writing journey and learning the nuts and bolts of the writing process. I'm sure some of her experiences resonate with each of us.

Sally has provided some written and visual Monday Muses, so if you're looking for some inspiration, pop over and take a look. Just twenty minutes (or less) is all you need.

There is plenty of activity going on in Works in Progress forum if you have some time to provide feedback, I'm sure it will be appreciated. And good luck to those of you submitting pieces this month, let's hope we see you in another forum soon!

Speaking of which, on the Bragging Stool we have Sue who has had some photographs accepted for ArtAscent and Jill continues her success streak with third prize in the Writers Reign competition, well done both!

I'm a bit confused reading through the Skype chat from yesterday but that's nothing unusual. Dianne will be posting the notes later. 

I've started a thread for the magazine content in the WA Mag forum, so please don't be shy! We need to get moving on this.

And I've added a Google calendar to the Planner section as I'm thinking of switching. Let me know what you think.

Anything I've missed, please shout out.





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