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This Week on Writers Abroad - June 8th 2015
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This Week 8/6/15

After our incredibly sad week last week, I find myself wondering what this week has in store for us. For me, Mary’s funeral is on Thursday. I saw Lynda yesterday to discuss details and I will let you know how it goes, of course.

Monday Muse – this week it is provided by Rilla who believes we need a little inspiration - (think she might be right!) As such she has given us  five lovely prompts to fire the imagination and get the muse back on track!

Who is going to be first??


The Blog – this week is provided by Sally who asks – When do We Become a Writer?

 An interesting question which will, I’m sure, bring forth myriad different responses.


Anthology - Please don’t forget to vote for the cover design so Vesna and Angela can finalise things.

One week to go till the closure date for submissions. Are we going to be deluged with submissions – let’s hope so and quality ones please!


Bragging Stool – Alyson is once again, firmly aloft the velvet cushion of the Bragging Stool having been shortlisted in the Writers News ‘Skeleton in the Cupboard’ competition.

 Congratulations from all of us! Please post the story up sometime, am sure that many, including me, would love to read it!

Dates for your Diary!

Our next informal chat is Sunday 14th June at 11am CET on Skype

Our next formal meeting is Sunday 28th June at 11am CET on Skype

 (Vesna in the chair)

If there is anything I should have mentioned and haven’t, please let me know and I will attend to it forthwith!

Happy Writing my Friends.


When do We Become A Writer?
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When do we become a writer? …

Agatha Christie, previously a poet and writer of children’s books, began writing detective mysteries at age thirty after being challenged by her sister who said she could not handle the rules governing the genre. She wrote thirty Poirot books.

Amy Tan decided to do something for herself when her friends called her a workaholic. “I at first went to a psychiatrist about this, but after he fell asleep three times during sessions, I decided I would try my own kind of therapy, so I studied jazz piano and tried to write something that I really wanted to write.”

When she was seven Dorothy West asked her mother if she could close her door. Her mother said yes and asked why. “Because I want to think.” When Dorothy was eleven, she asked her mother if she could lock the door. Her mother said yes and asked her why. She said, “Because I want to write.”

Someone I spoke to recently asked, “For me, does writing spring from a sense of need, loss, emptiness? I don’t know.” This is more a ‘why’ than a ‘when’, but it definitely had me thinking.

Mary Wesley came to writing in later life. There was a light heartedness about her writing that I always liked. Also she cleverly and accurately evoked a period spanning pre/wartime ‘40’s until about the ‘80’s. I remember seeing her walking around Totnes in Devon, and being quite thrilled!

I also came to writing in later life, though hardly on the scale and talent of Mary Wesley! Somehow there’s that time and space, which I lacked earlier. Before that it was in the form of round robins written from abroad.

Wondering how/when the rest of you got started?


This Week on Writers Abroad June 1
Category: Site News

Monday Muse

  • Vanessa has given us plenty to think about in the Monday Muse. There are: first lines from novels, to use where you wish in your own work: words for inclusion: a place of personal interest: a seasonal picture prompt.


  • Glyn, has provided an inspirational blog. It incorporates ideas from Jo, Doreen and  Paola, and is awash with tips to get the creative juices flowing on the theme of light, and its many facets.  

Writing Challenge

  • Alyson has posted 'Lighter than Air', a potential Flash Fiction for the anthology.
  • Paola has posted a poem intended for the anthology.

Commitment Cabin

  • Jo is committed to finishing the editing of the middle section of Wolf Moon, drafting a synopsis of same and looking at potential markets for The Good Expat Life

Chapter Group

  • Jo has posted the last three chapters of the first part of Wolf Moon.


  • Jo, and Paola, have set up a photo album from the WA FB page and entitled it 'Light'.

Bragging Stool

  • Alyson has sold two stories to People's Friend in a week.
  • More from Alyson - her first article for a Japanese website has been published
  • Nicola's Amazon rating for her book Losing Control: # 2 in Kindle Store - Series, # 3 in Kindle Ebooks - Military, # 3 in Books - Military. She's not sure where the 'Military' comes from! It is also 6 on Barnes and Noble.
  • Yet a further success, she has been offered representation by a Literary Agent.
  • More from Nicola - Temporal Shift has been shortlisted in the Romance Writers of America - winners to be announced in New York in July. Good luck, Nicola.

Sagging Stool

  • Angela had no success with her Mslexia entry and commiserates with Vanessa who had no luck with the Senior Travel Expert competition. Onward and upward ladies - you are both talented writers.


Hope I have covered everything – please shout if I have missed out anything or anyone.

Have a good week.


Date of Informal Chat: Sunday 14 June at 11 a.m. via Skype (CET)

Date of next Formal Chat: Sunday 28 June at 11 a.m. via Skype (CET) (Chair: Vesna)



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