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This Week on Writers Abroad 24th July 2017
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Good morning, all. It may be the summer for those of us in the northern hemisphere but I see that Writers Abroad is as busy as ever. So, let’s see what we have happening this week:

Monday Muse: Angela has given us some diverse and thought-provoking prompts that include challenging situations to write about and intriguing images.

Blog: Chris N has discussed an issue that many of us grapple with: how to get in enough writing time and juggle our other responsibilities at the same time. She has struck a realistic balance between encouraging us to keep at it and understanding that we do our best in our own circumstances.

Bragging Stool: This forum is hopping this week.

Firstly, five of our members have had writing included in the current Ad Hoc. Congratulations to everyone!

And Laura has been busy. She has 3 flash fiction pieces accepted for the print publication, Flash and she has also had That Apple included in the online journal, Fictive Dream. Congratulations, Laura!

Reminders: Our formal meeting for July is this coming Sunday, 29th July, 11am CET. Jill is chairing. Also, don’t forget to consider where you want to be in your writing 5 years from now, and share this with our members in the Our Writing Vision thread.

Hope everyone has a productive writing week, within the confines of whatever they are juggling. I don’t think I’ll try to juggle our cows though – I might end up with a back injury…Happy writing, everyone.

Life is sometimes the excuse...
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Having read everyone's writing visions, I am encouraged by seeing some common ground. There are points put forward that resonate with me, some on the negative, others on the positive.

I will be posting my vision later tomorrow, after morning Spanish with a friend, followed by a widowed neighbour's trip for coffee and shopping.

That last sentence feels less of an excuse not to get more writing done than it would have previously. I now see how other members have things going on in their lives which impede the desire to put pen to paper or tap away at the keyboard. The impracticality of dropping everything and creating that masterpiece seems to be shared by most of us.

I have been away for a few days - enjoyable but tiring - so I decided to ignore today's chores and that has proven quite productive in other ways. I began the process of printing paper copies, some for the first time, of all my poetry. I intend to start blogging this week and will begin by posting a weekly poem. My flash fiction is next on the agenda, then a move to my short stories, and so on. It will take some time but I desperately need such order in my writing life.

At this point, all I require to do is keep my motivation high. It's a bit like yoga - one is always tranquil and stress-free during each session - all that's needed is to maintain that wonderful feeling!

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This week on WA 17th July
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Dianne has posted this week’s Monday Muses, a great selection with something for everyone. An image will follow later today.

Jill has written a fascinating blog post about how her extensive travels have inspired her writing, both fiction and non-fiction, and that she derives more inspiration from far-away places than those on her doorstep. Some of the people she’s met while travelling may appear in stories (that sounds familiar!).

The Bragging stool is groaning under the combined weight of the members occupying it this week. I think we had better invest in a bragging sofa.

  • No less than 5 members have stories in the Ad Hoc line-up this week: Angela, Crilly, Chris N, Laura and Sue (how many is that in a row, Sue?);
  • Sue is on a roll with her story ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ shortlisted in Writing Mag;
  • Angela also continues her winning streak with a highly commended and a place in Stringybark’s anthology for ‘Caged Birds’;
  • Laura’s spooky story was awarded third place in Morgen Bailey’s 100-word comp; and
  • Lesley read out via Skype her story during the launch of Chris Fielden’s Nonsense Challenge Book.

Phew! Have I missed anyone? Huge congrats to all. That’s a fabulous result for WA.

The July Challenges and Opportunities are up, with something for everyone, but feel free to add competitions or writing opportunities. And there are some pieces for critiquing.

WA Magazine. Although it’s now a while since publication, the mag is still current, so please do let people know about it if you get the chance.

Members’ writing visions. A number of us have now posted up our visions of where we see ourselves in 5 years’ time and what part WA can play in getting us there. It’s not always easy to plan so far in advance, but none of it has to be engraved in stone and I found it a useful exercise. It will also give us more clarity in recruiting new members. So if you haven’t done it yet, have a think about where you want to be – and get some inspiration from the visions already posted.

That’s all this week. If I’ve missed anything or got anything wrong please let me know.

Happy writing week.



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