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Snowdrops push their way through remaining winter snows in the Northern Hemisphere.   Meanwhile in the Gulf, sandstorms cause motorway pile-ups in unseasonal 34C.  The only experience of 'winter'  is diving into the melted ice of the Sohar Beach Hotel pool. The barflies have thinned out. At the Knowledge Oasis School pupils come dressed in puffa jackets, gloves and scarves battling through temperatures of 20C. The Principal blows her top when it rains because the children rush to the windows AND GET OUT OF THEIR SEATS.  Buses ferry them home early to avoid flash flooding. All the staff pray for downpours.

It has been a busy week with the release of the E-zine.  The hard work and choice of writing has resulted in a wonderful read. Thanks especially to Doreen who did the lion's share of co-ordinating and to Jo.

John had a follow-up email from Sue Guiney whom he contacted for the author interview in the ezine.  She said,"it looks great! I'll write a blog about it and put it on the usual social media suspects sometime this week."   Great!

Meanwhile this year's anthology is taking shape. 'Kalaidescope'  has all the promise of last year's book. The chosen charity is Room to Read. Chris Allen, a former WA member, has agreed to write the preface. The theme this year is Light from the Year of Light.  We all look forward to choosing and submitting material.  Thanks again to Jo for co-ordinating, to John for being overall leader and Paola for contacting Chris.

Jill is in the spotlight for March.  Her backpacking days still provide inspiration. She also explains what has helped her technique and style.  Her writing office looks so peaceful and conducive to work.

Good luck to Angela with her entry to Myslexia about exile in the past. The bragging stool is waiting for you!

Finally, there is plenty of scope in this week's Muse from Jo with photos and prompts for all inclinations.  Hope the storm blows over soon.  Happy Writing...





The Power of Email
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So what’s the most powerful marketing tool available to writers?

I honestly don’t know, and if I did I’d probably be selling a whole load more books. But I have heard that the most effective selling tool is an email list, and it does make a lot of sense.

So what you do is collect a list of email addresses of people who are interested in you as a writer (and that’s the important bit) so when you have a new release, or a sale, or a competition, or an ARC for reviews, you can just send out an email or a newsletter to that list.

There are tools and sites to make this easier. I use Mailchimp, which is easy to use (great for the technically challenged among us) and free (up to a point – you pay when your list grows above a certain number) and looks pretty professional. It provides a sign up form, which you can link to on your website, ebooks, facebook and anywhere else you can think of (and here’s mine – because you should never miss an opportunity…

It’s a good idea to offer something as an incentive for people who take the plunge, but it should be related to your work – I offer a free copy of the box set of my Sisters of the Moon series, but it could be a short story or an interesting article.

But how do you actually get people to sign up? This is what I do so far:

  • If you go to my website, the first thing that happens is you get a big annoying pop-up that says – sign up for my newsletter. This is actually a plugin called Many Contacts. There’s also a link to the sign up form on every page of my website.
  • In the back of my books I have a link to the sign up form. So you get to the end of the book, hopefully, you enjoyed it, and the first thing you see is…want to know more about Nina Croft…?
  • I have a link displayed prominently on facebook

But it’s a sort of catch 22 situation because for any of these things to work, first of all you need to get people to go to my website, or read my book, or go to my facebook page. I suppose it’s more a matter of turning a casual reader who maybe enjoyed your book and visited your website, into a permanent fan, than dragging in total strangers.

 Here’s a link to a great post which talks a lot about how newsletters can be more effective: and at the end, is a link to Nick Stephenson’s free videos on the subject – well worth watching.

As of this morning my email list is 575. I have a goal for the year to reach 2000 – so if anyone has any creative ways to find people and convince they really want to hear from me on a regular basis – please let me know!

This Week on Writers Abroad
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Well, we're in the last week of February and can start looking forward to Spring. Let's hope that, for some of us, that means our writing mo jo will come out of hibernation and get down to some serious stuff.

Jill has written the Blog on the very delicate subject of writing taboo's. With recent events it's a very pertinent and thoughtful article..

Chris N, has proved our Monday Muses, based on Carnival time which is celebrated in Spain (and here in Italy! The streets are littered with confetti). So lots of inspiration in all kinds of genres! Come on, lets all make an effort to muse...

Perching on the Bragging Stool we have Alyson with her Drumming Granny story. She is joined by John who has been invited to read a the East Budleigh Poetry Festival (and from our Skype chat yesterday we learnt that John has also been twice placed second in a poetry comp!) 

Big week this week as WA Magazine Issue 2 is due to be released on Sunday 1st March! Links will follow in an email for you to share in every corner of your world that you can. Great big thanks to Doreen for pulling this all together.

And at yesterdays Chat we made decisions about the Anthology, 'Kaleidoscope'. We've agreed on the charity, Room to Read and the submissions 'window' - May to mid June. Now we need to decide on a Preface author, so please could all members share their comments in the forum by Friday 28 February

Sorry if I've missed anything.


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Monday, March 16, 2015
This Week on Writers Abroad
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