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Today is an important date for WA members. It’s the deadline to submit any material (poems, stories, interviews etc) we have for the new WA Magazine. Don’t forget to get your writing in. The first issue will be released on 1st September. Readers can sign up to receive the magazine at:

Blog: John has jumped in on short notice to give us this week’s blog post. It’s an interesting piece about how to go about writing a script. As John points out, we all enjoy watching drama, especially television series, but few of us write for this medium. So he has given us some tips to get started.

Monday Muse: John’s been busy this week. He’s also provided some prompts to get us writing.

Bragging Stool: Several people are sharing the stool this week. Jo’s novel, The Duke’s Shadow, has been featured in Members’ News in the September issue of Writers News. The novel was shortlisted in the Writers Village International Novel Award. Keeping with magazine mentions, two of our members, Jill and Alyson, were shortlisted for the 750 word short story in the September issue of Writers Magazine.

Waiting For Godot
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I volunteered last minute to write this blog. So, pardon me if it seems somewhat improvised, lacking in the thought that we all normally give to our blogs, rather than leave them to the last minute.  Probably wasn’t the best idea. We’ve just had friends for lunch and have a gorgeous but full on grandson staying with us. I said to my son, the grandson’s father, ‘I’ve volunteered to write this blog. If you have any ideas, let me know.’ He replied quickly, ‘Obvious,’ he said, ‘poetry.’ I told him that if I write another blog on poetry the group will shut down the site in droves.

We talked for a while, and picked on the most unusual aspect of writing we could think of; script writing or plays. That, I do think is something we rarely attempt. I wonder why, when most of the population spend half their lives watching what scriptwriters have produced. As writers we ought to be experts. So, how would you go about it?

I know, because I read an article about it, that soaps such as Coronation Street are team written. Months before the broadcast date a committee decides how the plot is going to develop (these days I suppose they have to take into account various members going to court for criminal acts they may have committed) then it is narrowed down to a few writers finally one writer being given the task and credit on the TV screen for producing the programme.

I’m guessing now, but I would have thought that a series such as Steptoe and Son, written by Galton and Simpson, would have had the story idea decided and then the two writers becoming the characters and writing as they went along. I would like to think that they would have been in hysterics as they wrote.

This is my son’s idea. He said, if I wanted to write a play of my novel, The Good Doctor, I would work my way through it and delete everything but the spoken by the characters. There I would have the bare bones of a play to work on. I thought that I would try to write the first chapter of The Good Doctor as a play. I did and it’s okay. My daughter who is working in Ghana at the moment is a member of an acting group out there. I sent her the play. She told me that the director thought it was good, but he needed something that was more than five minutes long. Hard work without a doubt.

The final way is to start from scratch. I have a friend who is a playwright. I haven’t worked closely with him or attended any of his workshops but I know he says that to write a play, ‘You take an empty stage. An empty mind. Put two characters on the stage and nothing else. The play will write itself.’

Sounds like Waiting for Godot to me.

(Anyone know how the title of Becket’s play Waiting For Godot came about?)

This Week on Writers Abroad
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Good afternoon, Campers! Wherever you are I hope you're having a halcyon season like the one we're having in the Netherlands at the moment. Temperatures are set to soar even higher in August so I'll be shaking the sand and sea from my keyboard for a good few weeks to come!

The muse from Jo is inspired by today's special significance. It's 100 years to the day since WW1 broke out. The blood red one has already captured my muse and those black and white photos are just so evocative. Sadly, one only has to look at the news to realise that humankind has learnt very little from mistakes made throughout history...

Vesna has written a blog about the perils of writing and reading to impress and how an academic background can sometimes heed creativity. After reading what she has to say I have been tempted out of the closet and admitted to the world that I have never read Ulysses. I'm being very unBritish about it though and not feeling guilty. Thanks, Vesna!

The bragging stool is ablaze with WA writing achievements! Jo's novel, The Duke's Shadow has been shortlisted in the Writers’ Village International Novel Award. Paola won the 'I Must Be Off' Travel Essay Contest, Jill came second, and Alyson and Rilla were highly commended! Oh, and little ol' me was amongst the line up in the Raging Aardvark, Twisted Tales competition. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone, let me know if I have because we all need our egos stroked from time to time ;)

Last but not least, it is now possible to subscribe for our free online magazine, scheduled to be released on 1st September. So make sure you get your copy and sign up now!

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