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Can't believe it's October already and NaNo is looming. Are you taking part? Maybe you need some inspiration or some feedback. WA is the right place to find support whatever writing you may be doing.†

  • Jany has provided some great Monday Muse prompts whereever you may be in your writing world†
  • John (formerly known as Glyn) has written a Blog about the number of plates he has spinning both on a personal and writing level. Good luck with everything!
  • The October Writing Challenge is open with plenty of competitions to aim for (just read an article about that in Writing Magazine) as well as NaNo prep and just about any writing project you wish! So come on - get something posted pronto.
  • And Marit has pride of place on the Bragging Stool having self-published 'The Loss' which started out here as a Monday Muse.

Wish Me Luck
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Wish Me Luck

I must admit, when I checked the planner for this week finding I was due to write the blog, it was with some horror. I do not wish to sound as if Iím winging, but I am so busy. Family issues, son moving jobs and country, daughterís baby due any second, and buying a second home ourselves. The son and daughter, not directly our issue, but time has to be taken out to sort problems. Obviously the house, a long time is spent emailing back and forth with the solicitor. Now it is all being held up because the builder who worked on the property canít provide a FENSA certificate. I know everything has to be correct, but sometimes I donít care! Reading the letters the solicitors send to each other, such a correct style of language; nothing has moved on since Mr Tangle in Bleak House.

On top of that I have the poetry reading in Angers, France, in November. Yes, Iím getting paid for it, and Iím very excited and honoured that the society has invited me, the first English speaking author to read, but it exerts a pressure. Iíve had to write a whole lot of new poems to reflect the photographerís work. This is a new experience for me. I rarely write any more from inspiration but use a theme, phrase or word of my choice. However the poems Iíve written for the exhibition must be used. I canít really set them aside. Yes, I think they are okay, but what if they arenít? What if they are the most dreadful set of poems on the planet and I make a complete fool of myself? Iím English reading to a French audience. Will they Ďgetí the nuances, little jokes, phrases that an English audience would understand? I can see myself drowning. And not waving.

Time! I thought I had enough poems a couple of weeks ago so I read and recorded them. Came in at just under 5 minutes. That leaves me with 15 minutes. I suppose I could sing, magic trick, tap danceÖ

When I met the organisers a couple of weeks ago at the museum they asked me to read a couple of poems. So there I was, French people wandering about looking at the exhibition and suddenly this mad Englishman starts bellowing out poems. Except I didnít, bellow. ĎYou must be much louder,í I was told, Ďand we want it as a performance. Not a reading.í So here I sit, in my house, performing poems that the whole village can hear. I reckon theyíll come and take me away soon.

Wish me luck.

This Week on Writers Abroad
Category: Site News

Well, summer is well and truly over and itís time to get down to some serious writing! Iím hoping the cold weather will wake up my brain. And here's what's happening this week:

  • Mary has provided some fabulous prompts for the Monday muse. Iíve got my eye on the mirror into a different universe one Ė I always wanted one of those!
  • Jany has done the blog this week and given us a fascinating insight into her own personal form of procrastination.
  • The magazine has had 41 PDF downloads and 660 views and 7 feedback forms to date.
  • The bragging stool has been a little quiet lately Ė letís hope that changes soon. But there is some membersí news this week. Twisted Tales releases 11 October with a story from Angela Ė keep an eye out for launch party details. Paula has entered Joyriding in Dhaka to the Mslexia competition and Christine has entered a story in Historic Houses. Glyn is looking forward to rock-star treatment at his reading in November. And finally, Iíve had two of my books licensed to Amazon Audible.
  • October challenges will be up soon, and in the meantime, those of us partaking can get working on our nano outlines (I'm starting a new sci-fi series so lots of plotting to do!) And Jo has posted new feedback groups, so go check it out on the forum.
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Mid Week on Writers Abroad
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