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Hello to everyone from the sunny south of France.

The Bragging Stool is positively heaving this week and may need to be exchanged for a bench. First up is Vesna who had her powerful Ďphotocopyí story published by Raging Aardvark. Well-deserved! John also has good news from his publisher, who is very pleased with his new collection of poetry and will be publishing it soon. Fantastic! And Iíll sneak onto the end of the bench with my brag of reaching the final ten in the I Must Be Off travel writing competition. If I get no further at least Iíll be published on the site. †

Light is glimmering at the end of Jo and Doreenís tunnel after a lot of work on the Emag and Jo has sent out a PDF first draft to us all. So if you havenít already taken a look, she is asking for any suggestions for amendments. A quote is still needed for the front cover (am I right, Jo?). I think itís looking fantastic with just the right variety of content. If youíve not had a read through, please do so now.

The editing group are still (I assume, as itís a lot of work) beavering away at any necessary edits to the poems and stories for the Anthology. Good luck to all you guys.

Jo has posted an interesting Blog sharing Ď365 Blog Post Ideas for Authors and Writersí and showing us an example, which illustrates a useful, perhaps invaluable, way to plan writing a novel. Iím a big fan of lists myself.

Glyn is up for the Monday Muse and his prompts will no doubt appear in good time.

Crilly has posted a list of August Challenges which cover both fiction and poetry, so get on over there for some inspiration.

This coming Sunday, 9th August, there is an informal Chat on Skype, if anyone is around.

Please add if Iíve left anything out. Weíve still room on the Bragging Bench! Have a good writing week.

Ideas for Blog Posts and Writing Goals
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As I struggled to come up with an idea for today's blog post I came across a fantastic resource which offers 365 Blog Post Ideas for Authors and Writers. Darla Denton splits the list into three categories; for fans and readers; for the writing community and for all your followers. This is number 59 from the second list and is my lazy way of completing one of my goals for today. This infographic took my eye because I found it very visual and I'm hoping to put this into practice.†

This Week on WA
Category: Site News

I arrived back in Japan late last night and although I've had a good night's sleep apologies for anything I've missed here. It is about 36 degrees and high humidity too so all round the brain is a little addled.

Firstly Vesna has posted the blog about writing style and how it varies in time and space depending on current fashion in society. Personally I could do with a few more adjectives coming back into fashion - it would save me going through and cutting them from my first drafts...

Laura is yet to put up any muses - hopefully today!

Crilly has posted the minutes from Sunday's formal chat. Updates on the anthology and next magazine are there. And suggestions for August writing challenges are on there too, but presumably any more suggestions are welcome. I had an email from the city, town and village writing people saying they were going to announce a new competition soon entitled "Off the Beaten Track" so you might want to start thinking about that.

Jill and I are both on the†bragging stool. Jill has made the semi finals of the I Must Be Off travel writing competition and I've made the long list of this quarter's Flash 500.

The next informal chat will be Sunday 9th August for those who can make it. †

I'm off to unpack the suitcases, try and wake the husband, and revive the depressed flower pots on the balcony. Then editing the anthology stories.

If I've missed anything, I apologise. I'll try and catch up with things on the site, but if anyone wants me to look at a story - email me!

Have a good writing week, or good holiday if it is that time of year for you!


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Monday, August 24, 2015
This Week on Writers Abroad
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