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This Week August 7th 2017
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The heat has dropped from 40° to 30° in my part of southern France…for the moment. Can no longer use heat exhaustion as an excuse not to write, although I think some of us have friends and family staying over the holiday period – a more valid procrastination. However, the site has remained active.

Muse: Our most recent member, Richard, will be supplying the Monday Muse this week.

Blog: For this we have to wait for the west coast of the US to wake up to give Maggie some time to post.

Bragging Stool: The usual suspects were published again on the AdHoc Fiction site: Angela, Crilly (front page!) and Chris N. And Sue for the 75th time! Congratulations to all of them. And I’m happy to have reached the final 20 in the Yeovil Short Story Contest, nervously awaiting the shortlist.

August Challenges & Opportunities: Crilly has already posted a flash fiction piece for comments, so if you haven’t already done so, take a look. But be quick as she may want to send it off soon. There are lots of ideas for competitions in the forum as well, to get you motivated.

Poetry Project: This is up and running and Sue has posted the most recent poem on the subject of ‘home’ and I’m sure would appreciate the company of other poets.

Works in Progress: Vanessa started an interesting discussion, seeking advice on her planned publication of an anthology of her best short stories. Worth a look as I imagine she’s still open to suggestions.

Hope you all have a good writing week.

This Week on Writers Abroad
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This Week – 31st July 2017


How fast this year has gone, it’s only 21 weeks till Christmas appears again. Never mind that though, let’s concern ourselves with this last week and what’s been going on.

The Bragging Stool.  Laura is still on a roll and had another story published in an online journal called Spelk Fiction.  https://spelkfiction.com/2017/07/28/breaking-the-seal/

Well done, Laura.

Five of us are in Ad Hoc again, the five being, Sue, Angela, Laura, Chris N and me. Congratulations all and come on team – lets up the quota of Writers Abroad in this weekly competition. Why not give it a go? 150 words and written to a chosen word. Until August 2nd the word is Drag.


The Blog    Alyson has written a very inspiring blog on smells and the various emotions they evoke. She reminds us of how we can use smells to denote a change in the story we are writing. Plenty to think about here.

The Monday Muse.     Laura will be writing this and will no doubt provide us with plenty of interesting topics.

The Formal Meeting of 30/7/17      It was an interesting meeting yesterday & Jill has provided us with some excellent minutes. Those unable to attend will find them perfect for catching up on all the discussion.

August Opportunities & Challenges   Several competitions have been listed by Jill in the minutes of yesterday’s meeting and please, feel free to add if you find another competition somewhere.

That appears to be all but if I have forgotten something please let me know.

In conclusion, I leave you with this lovely quote. Have a great writing week.

This Week: 5th June, 2017
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Can't believe we're into June already! It's hard to maintain some kind of sense of perspective with all the atrocities that have gone on in Manchester and London but I watched the concert last night which was filled with positivity... so 'Don't Look Back in Anger' (hard to put into practice).

So, what's happening in the dizzy world of Writers Abroad?

Jill has posted the Monday Muses, some fabulous writing quotes that can be used to inspire anything you like; a poem, short story or even a piece of fiction. Some words used by famous authors are pulling me in.

Vanessa has written the Blog talking about using all our senses and a simple, short exercise to help you connect back with them... more time spent away from the screen cannot be a bad thing.

There are plenty of opportunities for submitting your writing in June Challenges, so if you want some feedback please post up and encourage us all to have a go. There is one that is only 25 words which Alyson suggested we should all have a go at. Anyone up for the challenge?                                                                                    

The Bragging Stool is hot this week: 5 (yes five!) members appearing in Ad Hoc - Sue, Crilly, Laura, Angela and Chris!, we have Alyson snuggling in with a  short story selected as runner up. And Sue also has a letter published in Writing Magazine.  

We need a chair for the June Chat as Chris N will be away, this is a 4pm meeting and if no-one can swap or attend, we will cancel so please let us know if anyone is planning to be there.      

Finally, the Writing Vision forum is now open... hoping to see more writing aspirations shared this week!

Hope you all have a productive writing week...


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