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Sitting at my kitchen table at eight a.m. with the sun streaming through screaming ‘wash me’ windows I am initiating my one and only New Year resolution.

‘That’s a bit delayed’ I hear you say.

I know we are a week into 2011 but I have been somewhat busy with a visiting sister, a party for the Kings on the 6th and other activities too numerous to mention and there lies my problem. My intentions for 2010, 2009 and previous turn over a new leaf years have been thwarted by all those things that I believed too important to put on hold.

Why then do I constantly relegate my writing time to the bottom of the to-do list? It is vitally important to me and has been from childhood. Throughout my working years it really was difficult to fit ‘me’ time into lesson planning, marking, preparation, busy family commitments and keeping the house spick and span. Now I am retired and able to do what I want what compels me to put just about everything and everyone before my thirst to create?

This is going to be the year of change when I am going to find markets for my work, complete my half finished novel and my series of stories for young children about the neighbours’ menagerie. I might even get my poems together and resume my genealogy research and writing on American ancestors.

Hang on, perhaps I should add a second resolution to the first and make a priority list!

Watch this space.

A happy, healthy and peaceful 2011 to you and yours.

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The beginning of a New Year and lots of hope for our writing endeavours, there is plenty to inspire and motivate here on Writers Abroad!

  1. Jany has provided a very relevant contribution to this weeks Blog - lets hope the beans are plentiful in 2011!
  2. Jo has submitted this weeks Monday Muse - hopefully something to help you work off the excesses of the festivities!
  3. The January Writing Challenge with the theme of 'Moving On' seems an appropriate way to start off the New Year? Still plenty of time to submit and provide feedback.
  4. Two new forums have been created; one for 'Writing Goals 2011' (under Writing Projects) let us know your plans for this year (totally voluntary of course). The second one called 'The Library' (under General) is for you to share your thoughts on what you are reading or to make recommendations. 
  5. The deadline for comments on the Writers News article in Writing Projects, is tomorrow 4 January. Thanks for all contributions so far.
  6. Finally we have our informal Chat, this Sunday 9 January at 2pm CET so if you have a spare moment, drop in and catch up with the news.

Hope you are all dusting off the icing sugar and locking away the choccies (but within easy reach of a needy moment) and looking forward to another successful writing year at Writers Abroad!

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As we enter the last week of the year, you can still find some inspiration here on Writers Abroad for your writing. Hoping that you have all survived the Xmas Festivities and are building yourself up for the New Year - time to put those mince pies away!

  1. Alyson has provided not only our Monday Muse again this week but also a free competition to enter, so dig deep and find that pen...
  2. Alyson has also written our Weekly Blog on the things we writers get up to - check it out, it's so true!
  3. The January Writing Challenge is open and already has a couple of submissions for feedback.
  4. And finally, the second draft of the article for Writers News on our Anthology is available for comments in Writing Projects. Deadline is the January 4th.

So that just leaves all good wishes to you all for the New Year and looking forward to finding out what your writing projects are for 2011!


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