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Hi all, Jo has had to go to the UK urgently, so I'm in the hot seat for site news this week:

  1. Our courageous NaNoWriMo writers started off last week and are working hard to produce their 1600 or so words a day. Week 2 is the hardest, I'm told. Good luck and keep going!
  2. Mary has posted up a very interesting Monday blog about the origins of storytelling - at least we're not likely to suffer the same fate as our forebears if our audience doesn't like our stories!
  3. Nicola has come up with some great prompts for this week's Monday Muse, based on newspaper headlines, so get your thinking caps on.
  4. A reminder that November's challenge is Marit's competition, entitled 'Yesterday', or you can submit a work in progress.
  5. The NSSW Anthology is coming on apace, despite some last-minute formatting problems which have had Jo tearing her hair out, but hopefully those are sorted and we're on target to publish the e-book version in time for the week itself, starting on 22 November.  
  6. Yesterday's informal meeting was enlivened (if that's the word) by the news that Spruz is planning to charge to host the WA site. Further news on this to follow when we're clearer about implications.
  7. Next formal meeting will be on Sunday 21 November, 14h00 CET.

That's it, folks. Happy writing!

Category: Site News
Tags: writing writers abroad site news

Plenty of writing frenzy this week...

  1. Jill has uploaded this weeks Monday Muse, so whether you are in the throes of NaNoWriMo and need some diversion or in the middle of something else and need a diversion go and have a look.
  2. Rob had submitted the Weekly Blog on one of his favourite subjects, e-books. However, he is giving a good all round picture of some of the ups and downs.
  3. The November Writing Challenge is now open to entries. You can choose to submit something you are already working on or take up Marit's challenge to submit to her competition on the theme, 'Yesterday'.
  4. For those of us who have glibly signed our lives away for the whole of November, NaNoWriMo started today. Offers of endless coffee and supportive shoulders have already been made and it's only Day 1!
  5. Finally the twenty nine stories selected for our Anthology have been listed on the home page. All authors have been informed and the stories will be collated for publication over the next couple of weeks. Thanks to all those who submitted and of course to Writers Abroad Members who never fail to pull out the stops and contribute to a great cause.
  6. And I almost forgot, Informal Chat Online on Sunday 7 November at 2pm CET - bring a bottle!

Oh and one last thing - Writers Abroad,in its on line presence, is 1 year old this week, so Happy Birthday to Writers Abroad!

Category: Site News
Tags: writing writers abroad site news

This Week on the Site...

  1. The notes of yesterdays meeting will soon be in the Meeting Room Forum. We had a good attendance and managed to get through a hefty agenda thanks to our chair Marit!
  2. Marit has submitted this weeks Blog about a very topical subject and shares with us one of her early successes at writing.
  3. Jill has uploaded this weeks Monday Muse to provide us with a bit of a nudge and maybe a welcome distraction from NaNoWriMo for some of us.
  4. Talking of which NaNoWriMo is only a week away! Eeks. Check out some of the advice and issues being shared in our forum and if your not participating a strong shoulder will be very welcome!
  5. Marit will be setting the November Writing Challenge based on her competition for The Pages. It  has a loose theme of 'Yesterday' and the deadline for submission to the comp is December. 
  6. We hope to finalise the Anthology Stories by the end of this week and a list will appear on site, plus I'll be writing to all successful authors. Hope to get a front page draft out to you soon and check out a hard copy on Lulu.

I think that's enough for now... anything I've missed, please let me know... 


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