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This Week on the Site...

  1. The notes of yesterdays meeting will soon be in the Meeting Room Forum. We had a good attendance and managed to get through a hefty agenda thanks to our chair Marit!
  2. Marit has submitted this weeks Blog about a very topical subject and shares with us one of her early successes at writing.
  3. Jill has uploaded this weeks Monday Muse to provide us with a bit of a nudge and maybe a welcome distraction from NaNoWriMo for some of us.
  4. Talking of which NaNoWriMo is only a week away! Eeks. Check out some of the advice and issues being shared in our forum and if your not participating a strong shoulder will be very welcome!
  5. Marit will be setting the November Writing Challenge based on her competition for The Pages. It  has a loose theme of 'Yesterday' and the deadline for submission to the comp is December. 
  6. We hope to finalise the Anthology Stories by the end of this week and a list will appear on site, plus I'll be writing to all successful authors. Hope to get a front page draft out to you soon and check out a hard copy on Lulu.

I think that's enough for now... anything I've missed, please let me know... 

Category: Site News
Tags: writing writers abroad site news

Well, the deadline for the Anthology has been and gone and  I thought I'd share a few statistics. We've had 65 submissions (including our own) of which 23 have been accepted straight off. These are being edited for publication at the moment. We also have 16 stories which were 'don't knows and the Anthology sub group are meeting tomorrow to discuss. So thanks to all of you who contributed in any which way you could. It's been quite a learning experience and one that isn't quite over yet...

Other things happening at Writers Abroad include:

  1. Mary has (via our helpful member Rob) uploaded the Monday Muse, I must try and find mine this week.
  2. Jany has submitted her Blog on her reading to an audience of 80 people. Pop on over if you are in need of a good chuckle...
  3. If you are in need of some feedback on a project upload your manuscript in the October Writing Challenge (open theme) or if you've exhausted that - try Work in Progress forum.
  4. Some of us are getting ready for NaNoWriMo and even if you aren't taking part, we could do with a bit of support and encouragement so feel free to join in!
  5. Finally we have our monthly meeting next Sunday 24th October at 2pm(CET). Marit is in the chair so please let us know if you have anything for the agenda... which you will be able to check out in the Meeting Room later this week.
11 October - This Week on Writers Abroad
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Hi all, with the deadline of our Anthology looming I think we all have our heads down reading stories. Apologies for my 'absence' this week, an urgent family visit to the UK is occupying my time, but I will be popping in when I can. In the meantime...

  • Mary has uploaded this weeks Monday Muse, so if you want a bit of a nudge - pop over there.
  • Jill has submitted her Blog on finding pictures. A very useful article from someone who is quite handy with the camera herself!
  • The Anthology is coming along. Vanessa is busy completing all the continuity checks after accepted stories have been accepted (17 to date) and we have 9 in the 'don't know' category and two more days (well a little under) to go...
  • The open October Challenge has been created if you want to submit something for feedback and a number of us are planning to take up the NaNoWrimo Challenge so keep up with us in Writing Projects.

Catch up with you next week and thanks for all your support with the anthology. Sorry if I've missed anything.


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