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Like everyone subscribing to writing sites or blogs, I get emails galore advising on ways to improve my writing, get my novel planned, started, edited, completed, and so much more.  I look at a title tempting me to believe the article holds the path to productivity.  However, my mind becomes boggled quite easily once I start to read the myriad words that fill the screen. Woe betides if I succumb to opening another missive, which I do of course, before digesting the content of the first. The promise of the titles is endless - How to…/Ridiculously Easy Steps/Make a Good Story Great - the list is endless.

Now I'm not saying there is not good advice in many of the topics but I find searching out the bits that are relative to my needs, a bit of a minefield. So much so I tend to abandon the articles, unable to see the wood for the trees.

Am I alone in this?

Having gone through a sparse writing period, I have printed out a few 'help' topics. My thinking is that if I can read paper copies at my leisure, I may absorb more of the content. In addition, physically marking areas that I feel may help me give my writing a boost and create a structure with which I'm happy, will cement the ideas.

Well, that's the plan!

The Reader’s Brain: How Neuroscience Can Make You a Better Writer (Cambridge University Press, 2015) sounds fascinating and the snippets I have read make a lot of sense. Is it worth me purchasing? Will I be able to practise any of what it preaches? Or will I react to the extensive content with the same trepidation as those articles that multiply daily?

Somewhere in the pages, I may find the answer to that last question. It might explain why I can't focus my mind, establish my own path, and move forward from my current stalemate.

There's a story here…
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I have been mulling over ideas for a few competitions with closing dates April/May. I must confess the muse has been somewhat absent. Also, a thread for my blog was less than forthcoming. That is until half an hour ago around 11.30 p.m.

Picture the scene. A front door is unlocked, there is no answer to the person shouting a woman's name. Unusually, the outside garage light is on and light is also shining from the inside. The caller walks through the kitchen and pushes the lounge door which is ajar. A table lamp gives dim light. The name is called again toward a woman lying on a settee at the back of the room. There is no movement. A glance shows a red stain on the floor. Horror! A gentle nudge and the woman tries to sit up. An exhalation of breath in relief. She is in a disoriented state and can't form her words. No blood can be seen on her. Where did it come from? Another attempt to speak. The woman is drunk. On the side table is a half finished tumbler of whisky. The blood? Red wine.

This was my night people. Said lady got home today, picked up by my husband and me. At duty free she must have bought the alcohol and true to form, drank it.

I will now worry all night as the neighbour's house is open to intrusion. We could not lock up as it would mean locking her in - too dangerous. There is no letterbox enabling the keys to be posted back inside and the neighbourhood watch gentleman who holds a spare set of her keys is in the UK. I must ask her for at least a front door key tomorrow - I need sleep and I know I'll not get much tonight. 

This was not the first time, and won't be the last, but never had the scare of 'blood' before.

I don't know why I have not used some of the drink related scenarios that we have dealt with in my writing but watch this space because I think this is going to be the first.

What do you think WA members?

This Week March 26th. 2018
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Monday Muse

Jill will be providing the prompts to get our creative juices flowing.


Debbie will undoubtedly provide an interesting blog.


A prototype of the new planner system has been agreed by members. Each is allocated tasks on an alphabetical rota. If any member cannot fulfil his/her commitment then that person must find a replacement. The onus is not on Lesley. Thanks to Lesley for the hard work.

March/April Opportunities

There is a week left to enter these March competitions:

*Horror Flash Fiction THEME: Horror story of a lone survivor on a deserted island. Deadline 31st. March.

*Henshaw Press Deadline 31st. March 

Varying deadlines for the April competitions as follows:

*  Deadline 9th. April - Short notice but if you have a 'Looking Glass' themed story under 2,500 words then a possible.

*Stories of the Nature of Cities Urban Flash Fiction. Deadline 15th. April

*The Molotov Cocktail - Killer Flash. Deadline 20th. April

*  Deadlines April 29th. and May 20th. 


Works in Progress

*Take a last look at 'The Forger', Jill's entry for Henshaw.

*Lesley's 'Nyctophobia' will be winging its way to the Horror Flash Fiction any time now so check it out soon.

*Chris N has an edited flash about to be posted for the same competition.

*Alyson has a story on the theme of 'the wedding gift' for critiquing.

The Meeting Room

*New member Jim will be taking some time out.

*Waiting for information on Sue.

The Bragging Stool

Angela, Chris, Crilly, Laura, and Sue feature in Ad Hoc yet again. Sue believes this is her 97th. appearance!

Congratulations to Alyson for her third place in Brilliant Flash Fiction. Read here:

Jill is published in the Earlyworks Press Anthology. Apologies, I don't have a link.

 WA Newsletter 

*Members agree on the viability of a newsletter. See the notes of the formal meeting, Sunday 25th. March, penned by Angela.


Formal chat: Sunday, 22nd. April 2018 at 11 a.m. CET with Chris N in the Chair


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