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This Week 11th December 2017
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Chris Nedahl has posted an interesting blog about making the most of the time available to us. Something we all need to do.


Sue has provided some fabulous muses to inspire us this week. I love the beach photo and am thinking of a storyÖ

Bragging stool

Chris, Sue, and Sally are all included in the latest issue of Ad Hoc Fiction. Congratulations, especially Sue who has managed 87 consecutive weeks. Wow!

Sadly, Angela was just pipped at the post in the Housesitting Blog competition, but a wonderful entry all the same. And well done for getting into the final Ė a great achievement.

December Challenge

Thereís still plenty of time to post something for the December Challenge, or perhaps a poem in the Poetry project.


Members fees have been requested for the next year.

Sadly, Dianne has decided to leave Writers Abroad due to heavy commitments elsewhere Ė she will be missed by all of us.

And a huge welcome to Jim from Lussat, France. Iím sure weíre all looking forward to learning more about Jim and sharing our work.

And finally Ė hope youíre all getting ready for Christmas and are working on those 2018 writing goals!

Get Ready to Nano
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Itís that time of year again. Nano is fast approaching, and we must decide if weíre going to participate and what we plan on writing.

So how do we prepare for this yearly ritual? This will be my seventh year of nanoing and by now Iíve (sort of) worked out what works best for me. Unfortunately, that doesnít mean thatís the way Iíll do things, but hereís what I think needs to happenÖ

First of all, convince yourself that 50000 words isnít actually that many. You have a whole month to write them. Thatís only 1667 words a day. Keep telling yourself that. Iím a really slow typist, strictly two fingers, and I can do that in two hours. Most people type much faster than me. So less than two hours a day. You can do it!

Next: decide what to write Ė always the hard part for me Ė Iím still not sure what this yearís nano story will be. Iíd better make up my mind fast!

Plot that story before the 1st November. Iím a total plotter Ė Iíve tried plotting and pantsing, and the latter just doesnít work for me. Plotting is especially important if you want to write fast. If you know whatís going to happen next, you donít have to keep stopping to try and work it out. Or going back because what youíve written isnít getting you where you need to go. So, even if itís just the beginning, end, and a few turning pointsóplot that story.

Most important rule: donít edit, just write. †Thereís a freedom when you decide not to edit, when you accept, and even embrace, the idea that your words are rubbish. It liberates your mind to just write and get immersed in the story. I read a very interesting article by Kazuo Ishiguro recently, about how he essentially wrote the first draft of The Remains of the Day in four weeks. You can read it here:

If itís good enough for a noble prize winner, itís good enough for me.

And finally, remember: winning isnít everything. If you donít make itójust be pleased that you got some words down (thatís presuming you did get some words and didnít give up before you started.)

And just a last word Ė itís not over at the end of November. Get ready for editing!

If youíve not participated before, hereís the site link. Thereís usually lots of great inspirational writing posts throughout the month.

So which of you are joining me? Iím Nikki C on the site so make sure you buddy me up.

This Week August 14th 2017
Category: Site News

Total apologies for the late posting. I forgot. Again. I blame it on a combination of heat, old age, and way too much sangria.

But Iím here nowÖso whatís been happening this week?

On the blog today, Vanessa is imagining that she has carte blanche to be honest with impunity. Dangerous stuff. See what she would like to say to some of those questions writers getÖ

Jo has provided some fabulous Monday Muses. Iím very tempted by the middle-aged man with green eyes and a penchant for skulls.

Some biggies on the bragging stool this week:

Jill has wonÖsomething. And weíre all desperate to know what. But Iím sure she will reveal all when the time is right. In the meantime, huge congratulations.

And Jill also made the longlist for the I Must Be Off competition with her Namibian based story. Yay! Everyone is keeping everything crossed that it goes all the way.

And finally, just slipped in (and only because Iím late) Sue has come first in the Writing Magazineís numbers poetry competition. A fantastic achievement.

Thereís still plenty of time to submit something for the August Challenges.

The Poetry Project is running, so if poetry is your thing (and if not, maybe go give something new a try) please go and join in.

And finally, if anyone hasnít yet shared their writing visions, think about doing so Ė it can be a great way to crystalize what you want to achieve in the future.

Thatís it Ė have a great week everyone.†


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