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Terms and Conditions

How often do you do something on the computer and it asks you to agree to the terms and conditions? How many of us read these before hitting “I agree”?

            This is where I have to raise my hand too.

            Usually this is not a problem, but on occasions you really should read the small print and know what you might be signing up to or more significantly for a writer, signing away. If you don’t it can mean forfeiting ownership of your story or poem.

            This issue has come to notice over recent months because of a change at Woman’s Weekly, a UK magazine which buys fiction regularly. The new owners of the company have changed writers’ contracts so that instead of buying fiction with ‘first rights’, they now demand ‘all rights’ from their authors. Many established women’s’ fiction authors are furious because if they sell their work to Woman’s Weekly under these new terms they will no longer be able to re-use it (in an anthology for example), claim ALCS royalties or even be credited as the author of the work – although the new Woman’s Weekly management have said this wouldn’t happen.

Woman’s Weekly is not the only women’s magazine to demand all rights so if you want to reuse your work you must check the contract you are signing.

Similarly, some, less scrupulous competitions also require ‘all rights’ from entrants, even if you work is not a winner. This means effectively that you’ve lost the piece— you can’t enter it elsewhere and you can’t rewrite it.

            So, in short, it pays to check the terms and conditions carefully before entering a competition or signing an agreement.

            If in doubt, ask for guidance. Query with organiser. In the UK The Society of Authors is one organisation that gives advice and contract vetting for members.

            For more information about the new Woman’s Weekly contract see the article 

or check out the Womag Writer blog 



The Ideas' Shop
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(The might be part of the problem - its called sun and is a fairly rare occurence where I currently live...)

                                   The Idea’s Shop
I’m having a lean week, by which I mean, not that I’m on a diet but I haven’t written much. This is partly because we’ve been busy with other things but sometimes being busy gives me ideas to jot down. This week no ideas have come. 
     I’ve tried the usual tricks — listening to conversations in cafes, looking at news headlines, reading, checking the Writers Abroad muses — but so far, nothing. 
     I do keep an ideas book where I jot down possible story titles and themes but even this hasn’t yielded anything this week. 
     I could just write. Free write. But I like to have a story idea roughed out on my head and know the ending before I begin otherwise I know to my cost, I end up with many, many half written pieces that just end up getting binned. 
     The situation isn’t worrying me yet, but it is niggling. I have time to write but nothing to work on. I know ideas will come back. This has happened before, usually when my routines are disturbed. I need to get back into the groove.
      And I have plenty of reference books and ideas sheets to turn to (a personal favourite is Linda Lewis’s Writer’s Treasury of Ideas), but I should like to get through this myself. Meanwhile I’m trawling through old stories that haven’t got anywhere but are still lurking at the back of my computer. Hopefully I can rework one or two of them and that will jump start my writing again. 
      Or maybe I can pop out to the ideas shop…
      Any tricks you use to help with a lean patch?
      Any favourite books which help?
      Do you keep an ideas book to help with motivation?
      And do you have the same problems if you are writing a novel? Or have you done enough planning to get through the blank patches?
This week on Writer's Abroad 5th February 2018
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Angela has posted the blog for this week on magical objects and asks whether we are writers have any superstitions we uphold and would a talisman make a good catalyst for a short story. I think it probably would - if people's beliefs are strong enough they are bound to create conflict and thus a story is born.

Jo has added the muses for this week. A wide selection including keywords, dialogue, plot and setting along with some photos. Excellent prompts for those in need of inspiration. 

A forum is open with the question of whether to replace the WA magazine with a newsletter. This subject arose at the last formal meeting. If you haven't voted, please go over and add your thoughts. 

Vanessa has posted details of an opportunity to be interviewed on expat radio - they want guests to talk about bookish issues which would probably be a good opportunity to promote your own material.

On the bragging stool this week are the Ad Hoc crew of Sue, Chris and Angela. Hopefully Laura will get time to join them again soon. Sue's interview with Bath Flash is there to read too and I know Nicola has news but she hasn't posted about it yet. 

A selection of opportunities are available on February Challenges and Opportunities. Feel free to add any more to the list.

And finally Bruce's novella Medium Rare is on the works in progress forum for comments.

Hopefully I've missed nothing for this week. Have a good writing week all. 


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