Sue Roebuck

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About Me
Writing, Reading, Walking, Eating chocolate

Favorite Music
Anything by: Damien Rice David Grey U2 Santana Two Steps from Hell

Favorite Movies
Mrs. Doubtfire Tootsie (do you see a pattern here?) Paddington Forest Gump The Birdcage Lord of the Rings

Favorite Books
The Gormenghast Trilogy by Mervyn Peake Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte Alice's Adventures in Wonderland On The Road, Jack Kerouc Anything by Charles Dickens Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gale Honeyman The Life of Bees by Sue Monk

Favorite Quotations
"Some Books you read and some you enjoy. But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul" (Joanne Harris) "The Garden of the World has no limits, except in your mind" - Rumi "My dear, tomorrow I'll be sober, but you'll still be ugly." Winston Churchill

General About Me
I live in Portugal - near Lisbon and I write books. I've lived here since I was exported from the UK by my husband some 25 years ago. It's not easy being a writer here as there aren't many of us about in this part of the world.

Shout Box
Feb 14th

Hi D C

Thank you! (I've been pretty slow so far actually :-) )


Feb 14th

Hi Sue, welcome to the group! I'm pretty new here to and only just gradually finding my feet. You'll probably be quicker than I!  

Feb 13th

Hi Alyson - I'll do my best!

Vanessa - yes I know Deborah quite well (on the internet). I reviewed her 300 Days of Sun for a newspaper in the States - it's set in the Algarve and switches between present day and WWII. Very well written. It's funny how we all like Titus Groan. I always first think of Swelter the Cook, but the book is filled with such quirky characters - what an imagination Mervyn Peake had!


Feb 13th

We've already been in touch, but just to say welcome again, and I hope you'll enjoy WA. I've never actually been to Portugal, but it's on my bucket list. Have you read Deborah Lawrenson's 300 Days of Sun, which is set in Portugal? I also like the Gormenghast Trilogy!

Feb 12th

Welcome to WA, Sue. Hope you find your way around soon. The more you put in, the more you get out!


Feb 12th

Angela - you're going to love Eleanor, I'm sure. Yes, I look forward to it too.


Feb 12th

Welcome to the group, Sue! Eleanor Oliphant is on my reading list but I love the Life of Bees by Sue Monk.

Look forward to sharing the writing process with you.

Feb 12th

Thank you for the warm welcome Sue and Jill 

Feb 12th

A great big welcome Sue, from another Sue on the other side of the Atlantic. Enjoy this group; it is phenomenal. I also love chocolate - so we have that in common too.

Feb 12th

Welcome Sue. Hope you find WA suits you. By the way, I read The Gormenghast Trilogy 3 times, so we've definitely something in common! Love Portugal too.