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Mar 20th 2016

Hi Alyson


Thanks you for your welcome.  Wow, you have some writing under your belt.  Eventually I would like to read some of eveyones work.  Looks like you are a cat lover, me too.  We had two, but unfortanetaly one went missing.

Jan 18th 2016

My story "moving" is the current winner on Purple Pumpkin publishing website.!current-winner/c1lcn

Read a creepy Christmas story on Erewash Writer's site

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Alyson grew up in England but has spent most of her adult life living abroad. She has lived in both Europe and Asia and sees the advantages of living in both, however after careful consideration she would always opt for a warm climate. Alyson writes short stories in her spare time and has won and been runner up in several Writers News and Writing Magazine competitions. She writes occasional copy for travel websites, mainly about Asia where she currently lives and would love to have more time to write more regularly. Since joining Writers Abroad Alyson has learnt about the benefits of belonging to a writing group, and is enormously grateful for the help and support offered by her cyber friends. "Spooked", a Bridge House anthology of ghost stories includes one of Alyson's short stories and is available for purchase on the home page of this website.


"Call Me", a short story in "Spooked" an anthology of ghost stories. Published by Bridge House Publishing. ISBN 987-0-955791-09-3

"The Guardian", a short story in "Devils, Demons and Werewolves", an anthology from Bridge House Publishing. ISBN 978-1-907335-08-2 50

Stories for Pakistan. Published by

"Dating Game", a short story in "Fangtales", and anthology from Wyvern Publications. ISBN 978-0-9560363-6-0 

"The Bookmark", a short story in "Big Book of New Short Horror"  published by Pill Hill Press, Chadron, Nebraska.

My story "Hot Chocolate Hero" is in this anthology from Corazon Books. Enjoy these 10 great stories with heart - the winning tales of love from The Sophie King Prize 2014, chosen by bestselling author Sophie King.

"The Irish Lad" is available for 49 pence from Alfie Dog Fiction.
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