D C Hubbard

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About Me
Here For
Writing, Critiquing, Support, Networking

Writing, history, genealogy research

Favorite Music
70s rock, Sting, Eros Ramazzotti (my Italian tutor), Leonard Cohen, Judy Collins, Moody Blues

Favorite Movies
Love Actually, The English Patient, Lord of the Rings, Atonement

Favorite Books
Atonement, Pride and Prejudice, The Book Thief, The Millennium Trilogy

Favorite Quotations
"Success is stumbling from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm." W.Churchill

General About Me
Behind the D C lurks just a common or garden Deborah Carol. She has spent all of her adult life in Germany, having fled the US in 1972 to study for an MA in Mainz. Of course, it is perhaps worthy of note to mention the five years she lived in Britain due to marrying the Englishman she met in Mainz. They returned to Germany thereafter to pursue professional and family matters. Debbie didn't find her path to writing until (unfortunately) quite late, but now it is her preoccupation. She published her first novel, The Peace Bridge, in 2012. Not only does she write in English, but she has recently been able to place short stories in German in anthologies. The second novel, a prequel to the first, has taken a back seat to an anthology with family-centered stories that she and a colleague have translated into German and edited. The search for a publisher is on, and her thoughts are returning slowly but surely to that second novel. Then there's the love affair with Italy... www.dchubbard-writes.com www.dchubbardwrites.wordpress.com

Shout Box
Apr 29th

Great, thanks for the confirmation, Vanessa. That's what I thought. 

Apr 29th

Now that we have the newsletter, Debbie, This Week doesn't appear any more. It hasn't been taken off the planner, but it won't appear on the new planner, which Lesley is running from June. So if you're down to do a "This Week" you don't need to worry about it. 

Apr 29th

Just got off Skype with a lovely bunch of ladies. Nice to talk! Question has arisen in my brain: now that we have the monthly newsletter, is the "this Week" summary still a going concern? I believe it was going to be scrapped if we did a NL. Can anyone confirm? It is still in the planner, but I can't see it under Blogs, where I believe it used to live.

Oct 30th 2017

Great to see you here, Debbie!

Oct 30th 2017

Thanks to all of you for the welcome! As newest kid on the block, I'll try to hold up my end of the deal.

And yes, Vanessa, I have been following and enjoying your blog for a while now.

As to writing in German, I have lived here for 40 years. When I wanted to start writing, I only had one option for courses: local ones in adult education. From one of them, a lovely group of friends (all women, in the meantime age group 45 - 85!) evolved and 8 of us have been gathering about once a month for the last 13 years to share what we've written. So writing in German was called for. As in all things, practice is the key!

Oct 29th 2017
Hi Debbie and a big welcome from me too.
Lovely to read about your German connection - my ' soon to be' son-in-law is from Berlin but is now probably more Aussie than most Australians!
I hope you really enjoy your time with WA and I look forward to reading your work.
Oct 29th 2017

Hi and welcome from another newbie!

Oct 29th 2017

A big welcome from me too!


Oct 29th 2017

Welcome, Debbie - I look forward to reading your work!

Oct 29th 2017

Welcome, Debbie. Also in awe of someone writing in a second language. I hope you find your way around the site soon.