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Writing, Critiquing, Support, Networking

Scuba diving, travelling

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I left the UK in 1989 and I've lived in Spain, Fiji and France and now I'm in the Republic of Ireland. I've travelled extensively and have had travel articles published in various countries as well as short fiction. My current project is a book about my years in Fiji. I'm roughly half-way through the first draft.

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Sep 27th

I got your message Susan. Thanks. I'm still learning to fin my way around.

Sep 27th

Just thought I'd mention in advance that I'm off down to Spain at the weekend and will be away for a month. Obviously I anticipate having an internet connection for some of the time at least, but if I don't participate regularly during October you'll know why!

Sep 26th

Thanks, Vanessa - I'm able to access the page again.

Sep 26th

Susan, I've been into your profile and I think your access level was wrong, so I've changed it to Member, which I hope will sort out your problem. If not, can you wait till Jo gets home to Italy on Thurday - unless anyone else is more au fait with this than me.

Sep 26th

Susan, check that you are actually logged in to the site. The forums are private to members, in which case if you aren't logged in you won't be allowed access, but areas like profiles and blog and most front page stuff are visible to the public. You should have a username and password.

Sep 26th
Goodness, auto correct is a pain! That should read ...we do have an executive etc... how did the word email get in there?!
Sep 26th
Not really sure, Susan. We do have an email executive who have special rights, maybe one of them will take a look and be able to help you.
Sep 25th

Help needed please. The site is telling me that I do not have access to my thread titled: Susan's Vision. Any ideas? Thanks.

Sep 24th
Hello Susan. Welcome to our world! Hope you find your way around and enjoy your stay with us. Do ask if something seems confusing. Someone will always come to the rescue. I look foward to reading your work once they let me ( and the new hip!) go home.
Sep 20th

Hi and thanks for the welcome. Hope I'm posting in the right place! I'm off for a wander around the site.