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Feb 16th

Hi Jim, only just discovered you! Sorry for belated welcome! You joined just after I did, so it would seem. Time to dive in and find our way around.

Jan 10th

Hi Jim

Welcome to Writers Abroad, it's great to see some men amongst the group.  I'm also living in France, not too far from Vanessa. 

Dec 13th
Hi Vanessa, and thanks for the welcome.
You are so right about time shooting past... My one regret is in not moving here much earlier. I too, am looking forward to writing and sharing with you all.
Dec 13th
Thanks Crilly, it is good to be here...
I visited Oz a few times on RN ships. As a young, footloose sailor I jumped ship for a young expat from Croydon. We spent a rapturous three days at her place in. The sticks, beyond Freemantle before I was apprehended and returned, fortunately, to my ship...
The footloose part is still largely descriptive.
Dec 9th

Hi Jim, and welcome to Writers Abroad. I also live in France, down in Tarn-et-Garonne where we have been for 20 years, which have shot past! Look forward to "seeing" you around the site. Any problems, just shout.

Dec 8th
Welcome on board, Jim.
Look forward to reading your work and 'seeing' you on site.
Just for the record, I don't live anywhere near France about as far away as anyone could be! Thirty minutes north of Sydney Harbour Bridge in leafy St Ives is my home. Sent many school holidays in Scotland esp Lossiemouth!
Dec 8th
Hi Jill,
We live in The Creuse. Have done for 8 years now. Had the camping car for three of those years, and we are on the road more than we are home. I'm a Fifer, myself, from Dunfermline.
Thanks for the welcome. Hope to be up and fully running quite soon.
Dec 8th

Welcome to the site, Jim. Seem to have three things in common already, apart from the writing! Have done a lot of travelling in a camping car, was born in Pitlochry and now live in France. 

Dec 8th

Welcome, Jim. Love the outfit. I'm guessing you are Scots by birth? Hope you find your way around soon.

Dec 8th

Hi Jim and welcome, love the photo! If it's not meant to be sideways I think there is a way of righting it... someone mentioned something some time ago about images, Angela?

Also intrigued about the motorhome, we bought ours last December after the earthquakes here as a contingency plan for home but have also done some travelling this year with a cat and dog! Met some WA'ers for the first time and love going in it... plan to become more nomadic.


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Writing, Critiquing, Support, Networking

Travel; History; Travel; Scotland ; Travel; Grand Opera; oh, and did I mention Travel?

Favorite Music
Anything by Mozart. or Verdi Gaelic songs Dire Straits Leonard Cohen Bob Dylan

Favorite Movies
Open Range Moonstruck The Secret of Santa Vittoria

Favorite Books
Cold Mountain Pride and Prejudice War and Peace Pure The Kite Runners

Favorite Quotations
'Even ministers, they have been kenned at times, a rousing fib tae vend, and nail it wae scripture.'. Burns

General About Me
I'm a miner's son from Cowdenbeath. My mother read Burns, Scott, Defoe and Stevenson to me. She bought me Children's Classics in print books and magazines. Twenty three years in the Royal Navy filled in the blanks, whilst critical care nursing painted the highs and lows of the human condition. So I write from this mixed bag with the help of my Muse, Chore, or Terpsichore to give her more formal name, the Muse of Dance. I write fiction with purpose and poetry with the passion of an escapee. Nowadays my Poetry tends to spill, or seep, into my prose. Improvement? I'm sure you'll let me know.