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This week on WA

After reading the Writing Goals for†Jo, Bruce, Nicola, Sue and Vanessa this thought popped into my mind; I walk with giants. I know they are goals, but I also know that many of them will be achieved. As a member of WA, Itís a wonderful opportunity to watch members struggle and then achieve. †There are no magical leaps to success in this business, and seeing the work in progress is a true inspiration

Joís Six Word Challenge is attracting participants like a magnet Ė what a great idea to start the morning journaling each day. †Nothing too overwhelming but enough to open any doors of resistance.† Wonderful work Debbie, Vanessa, Lesley and Jill.

Writing challenges for January are overwhelming! Nowadays itís about picking and choosing, I can remember years where finding enough competitions to enter was the problem.† Thank you Lesley, Angela, Alyson, Jo and Sue for posting in this forum.

A very tempting Muse Sue has posted for this week.† Several unusual ideas, one Iím tempted to try is to take an old short story and replace every ďtheĒ with a different word.† WHAT??? How will that work out? Beautiful photos and a word list that has† a couple Iíll have to look up.†

Bruce posted on Works in Progress the first and second chapters of his book ďMedium RareĒ.† Heís received several insightful comments from Alyson and Angela already.

If you have any special requests for the spring Planner let Sue know now.† You can do this under Forums>General>The Notice Board.

And thatís about it for the week.† If Iíve left out anything or gotten something wrong please let me know in the comments.† Best of luck to us all for 2018!

This Week on Writers Abroad
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The start to 2018 has been expectedly quiet as people recover from end of year festivities. My excuse is flu, but on the positive side it has given me the opportunity to read Ė I'm currently on my fifth book of the year! Hopefully, back to writing soon. Iím assuming others are being more creative.

To liven things up, Jo has posted a January 6-word challenge on the site, which should help everyone get going. Some of us have already posted. Itís fun, so have a go.

She has also started a Writing Goals 2018 forum so it could be the time to have a good think about that. Stating your goals publicly can have a motivating effect.

Alyson has posted a selection of January Challenges. Take a look and add to them if you like.

The Bragging Stool is taking a breather this week. Hardly surprising, as competitions and judging slows down for the festive season. Some competitions have been moved forward in anticipation of this and some results are pending, so fingers crossed for the coming weeks if youíve entered something. If you have anything else to brag about, publication, sales, and so on, we want to hear!

Lesley has supplied some brilliant prompts for this weekís Monday Muse, along with some inspiring photos. Laura is down for the Blog, but with a new-born baby on her hands Iím not sure how sheíll find the time to get round to this.

Have a productive writing week!

This Week on Writers Abroad
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Just a quick summary

  • I've posted some Monday Muses in anticipation that you might want to exercise your writing muscle

  • If you haven't time for a full muse, then how about 6 Words? It's an extra challenge I've set up in the Writing Room as we don't have any comps or opportutnites (though please feel free to add...) Give it a whirl.†

  • The 2018 Writing Goals forum is open to recieve your plans. However big or small, let us know where you are heading

  • Alyson ended the year warming the Bragging Stool with her great story on Horror Scribes. Well done!

I'm sure there's more so sorry if I've missed anything.


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