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This week on WA
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A quiet week on WA, perhaps we are all otherwise occupied preparing for Christmas

Sue posted a couple of chapters from her recent NaNo writing.† Extracts from chapters, written in her usual eloquent style show promise of an action packed story, based on a personal and harrowing experience.

Congratulations to Bruce who has recently been published in ĎSo It Goesí, the Literary Journal of The Kurt Vonnegut Museum Library.

The voted in Ad Hoccers this week are Sue, Maggie, Chris and Angela. Some members are becoming Ad Hoc veterans.

With her Nonsense Narrative Writing Challenge and thanks to a shared effort with Chris Fielden, Lesley had raised over £1,500 for charity.

The muse for the coming week was posted by Crilly.† The stimulating story titles are, perhaps mercifully, unrelated to Christmas.† For those amongst us with a literary seasonal frame of mind though, a Christmas theme could be used in relation to the prompts.

Despite being under the weather, Jo posted an interesting blog about a book on novel writing.† I've added it to my reading list.

This Week on WA
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It has been another active week here on WA and while a number of us are sauntering our way through Nano - and the Future Learn Creative Writing Course - there has still been time for those ever helpful reviews and critiques.

On the bragging stool our congrats go out to Jill for getting her Thallium and Cupcakes recognised by being highly commended in the Stringybarks Past Times Award while Laura and Sue continue to battle it out in Ad Hoc.

The Adverbially Challenged Ďanthologyí is now out. A number of us had fun with our adverbially laden submissions. The anthology is a fundraiser for First Story, a UK based charity to foster writing creativity in schools. Details on how to buy the book here

Vanessa has posted a marvellous blog entry this week - on the vanishing art of letter writing. I did start out the year promising I would write one decent letter a month, by hand, on pretty notepaper and mail it with one of those licky stamp thingies, but by March my enthusiasm fizzled out. Vanessa has inspired me to pick up my lovely gold Shaeffer and open my bottle of Quink once more and write.

Jill has posted some cracking muses for us this week and looking at the second photo I canít help humming along to The Sloop John B.

Talking of song lyrics. I had my Bath longlisted story returned for swift editing out of its song lyrics for copyright purposes prior to next month's publication. Good on Bath for being so squeaky clean.† I have sent them 2 options from which to choose and have also written to the music publishers Hal Leonard just to explore the process of applying for permission.† This will just have to be a blogging subject for the future I suspect.

And there's still more news: Dianne and Vanessa each have whirlwind stories in the newly published Pearl Harbor and More anthology. †† Plus - announced just today Lesley has pulled it off with Chris Fielden †to publish a book of 100 nonsense stories all in a good cause. See details here along with Lesley's smashing photo†

If Iíve missed anything, please yell. Have a good week all. Keep up your nanoing, and your future learning and your November challenges. Itís all there for the picking.

ps - the next Skype meeting is Sunday 27th November

This Week on WA
Category: Site News

This week on WA has seen much activity following the formal chat meeting last Sunday.

Issue 5 of the WA Mag is now up for membersí contributions so grab a few spots to showcase your work.

New ideas for the home page are just abubbling.† Check that thread and add your own two penníorth.

Mondayís Muse is now posted by Jill - and just take a look, the prompts are from Myslexia and wonderful they are too.

A magical writerly blog this week is posted by Lesley and surrounds JK Rowling and the new HP novel.

More links have† been added to the August Challenges thread. But alas alack, one of them has an August 4th deadline.

In works in progress Jillís The Woman in the Church has received great and worthwhile feedback and is now winging its way. No need for wishing you luck Jill, itís a fabulous piece.

Nicola has posted Chapter 1 of Unspeakable in the chapters thread for our review, so head on over, enjoy the read and give your feedback.†

Nicola has also posted a very valuable document on critiquing.† It might need moving to another thread† (eg Feedback Guidelines in The Writing Room) so that it doesnít slip off the radar.

On the bragging stool Sue and Laura are keeping each other company again this week with their nutshell pieces for Ad Hoc.† Sueís is on page 1. (Mel and Abby) and Lauraís is on page 23 I believe (Shades of Light) hope Iíve got that right Laura, please vote if you get chance before midnight Tuesday UK time - when another prompt will be posted. †

If Iíve missed anything or anybody - just holler, as they say around here.

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